Praise of shades and wabi-sabi


The floor appears to have multiple colors though the material Igusa is single-colored, because the angles of the tatami mat mesh are set differently creating a variety of reflections. This makes the design look different when viewed from the opposite side.

My work is unique in that it is set on the floor, and that it involves the effect of sunlight. The sunlight creates subtle changes of color, whereas artificial lighting from the ceiling limits such change and thus diminishes the work’s attractiveness. I consider my work as an antithesis of the modern trend of art which requires immense energy such as projection mapping. My personal belief is that art can be sustainably appreciated without consuming excessive energy, and the concept of my art can be described as “praise of shades and wabi-sabi” (wabi-sabi=Japanese aesthetics to prize refined simplicity).

The rough sketch is drawn with simple lines, and the material Igusa is single-colored. This simplicity represents the flatness of Japanese Painting, other typical drawing methods including Manga, and even the social hierarchy of the country. Tatami mat itself is an original and unique material that is still rare and globally unrecognized, making it truly symbolic of Japan.